ABB IRB 1200-5/0.9 Standard

ABB IRB 1200-5/0.9 Standard


Contact Skin uses tactile sensor to allow robots to have sense of touch. The emergency stop will be triggered immediately when Contact Skin senses a firm touch. With Contact Skin, industrial robots can be applied to collaborative scenarios which comply with ISO TS15066 that humans and robots can collaborate in a shared workspace.

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Contact Skin
Contact Skin Spec. Response Time < 5ms
Environment +5°C~+45°C
Spatial Density <8mm
Electrical Spec. Size 115 mm x 77 mm x 22 mm
Weight 150g
Power 24V DC
Output NC (Normal Closed) Terminal
Applicable Standard Functional Safety (ISO 13849) Cat.3 PL d
Collaborative Robot(ISO/TS 15066) Force and Pressure Measurement by PILZ PROBms
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