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The sensors and safety controllers in our skins are sensitive enough to stop a robot quickly and gracefully. We support a wide range of robot brands such as ABB, Epson, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Mitsubishi Electronic, Yamaha and more

Want to know more about a specific model?

Fast to deploy
and scalable

Need to build a collaborative space for humans and robots?  T-Skin upgrades your existing robots, making them safe to work around without expensive and space-eating fencing.


We support the widest range of robots and models in the industry. T-Skin does not interfere with any robot’s range of operation.

Immune to
Magnetic & RF interference

T-Skin is shielded against magnetic and RF interference. 

High Sensitivity Sensors

A light touch (1 kg of force) is enough to trigger shutdown, whether the object is conductive or non-conductive.


T-Skin maintenance is a breeze. LED indicators on each panel show its working status, making repairs or replacement simple and easy.

manufacturer and Model support

We support the widest range of robot manufacturers and models in the industry.


Time is money. You don’t have months to retool and retrain.

We designed M-Teach to make it easy for even a non-engineer to install and to train any ABB or Mitsubishi Electronic robot. 

A light touch precisely positions the robot.

We don’t make you buy proprietary attachments. We built M-Teach so you can still directly connect your gripper or welding tool directly to the robot flange.

T-Skin Pad Module

Do you have a robot built in-house, or have unique safety considerations? Try our T-Skin Pad Module. Touché Solutions understands that everyone has different needs. T-Skin Pad Module are modularized versions of our UL/CE Certified T-Skin. The size of the pad is 5 cm by 8 cm  or  14 cm by 10 cm and can fit the shape you need.

Embedded Solutions

For next-generation robots

If you are designing a robot for human-robot collaboration, you know torque sensors are not enough. Our solutions are designed to be embedded in next-generation robots. Do you want to innovate with a partner? Look no further!

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