International Seminar of Safety Regulations for Industrial Robots

International Seminar of Safety Regulations for Industrial Robots

1. Introduction:

In response to the rapid growth in the number of industrial robots and collaborative applications, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) will announced a new version of the industrial robot standards – ISO 10218. EU administrations of machinery safety management are actively adding and revising regulations. Taiwan had renewed the Standards Governing Prevention of Industrial Robots Hazards on 14th Feb. 2018. It updated users’ regulations for industrial robots applied to the collaborative fields, and ensured the safety of workers at the production lines.

Recently, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been actively committed to the research about standards and specifications for industrial robot. OSHA has been comparing international safety standards as well. It would be helpful to: (1) improve the sources of management systems in Taiwan and the scopes of domestic labor safety protection. (2) enhance verification technique of machinery safety and to be aligned to the international standards. (3) plan and to prepare in advance for possible verification issues about security test afterwards.

To disseminate the safety of industrial robots, ISO Japanese representative (DENSO WAVE, Project General Manager), ISO Korean representative (KAR, Planning Director), Dr. Jui-Yiao Su and Mr. Michael Tseng are invited. They will share international standards and application overview for industrial robots. It would provide manufacturers with developmental technology and standards for reference. This seminar will be conducted online and offline at the same time.

2. Advised by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor

3. Organized by Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association

4. Date & Time:13:00~16:40 on 26th Aug. 2022

5. Topics:
5.1 Standards of Industrial Robot and Field Verification Regulatory Status Quo in the Globe and Taiwan
5.2 Influence on Industrial Robots after the Revision of ISO 10218
5.3 Overview of Industrial Robot Use and Safety Standards in Korea

6. Speakers:
6.1 Project General Manager of DENSO WAVE (ISO Japanese Representative)
6.2 Planning Director of KAR, Sungsoo Rhim (ISO Korean Representative)
6.3 Chairman of Touché Solutions, Dr. Jui-Yiao Su
6.4 Representative of UL, Mr. Michael Tseng
6.5 TAIROA Standards Committee members

7. Location:
7.1 (Offline) 402C, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
7.2 (Online) Microsoft Teams

8. Application Link:

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