Mechavision / Mechavision – Solution Provider For Tactile Sensing Technology

Mechavision / Mechavision – Solution Provider For Tactile Sensing Technology


Mechavision, is an ITRI spinoff that provides tactile sensing technology solutions for robotic applications. Its Contact Skin, is ideal for use in human-robot collaboration scenarios due to its high sensitivity, safety, and compatibility. A robot equipped with Mechavision’s Contact Skin is able to stop immediately whenever the operator comes in contact with it, and thus ensures the safety of human workers in the collaborative workspace. Mechavision’s tactile sensing technology can detect very subtle force and is blind-spot-free. The technology complies with the ISO/TS 15066 standard, which specifies safety requirements for collaborative industrial robots.

Business philosophy
The original business philosophy of Jingji is focus, innovation, win-win and sustainable development.
Using tactile sensing technology to make the robot have surface sensing, when the collision occurs, the starting safety protection mechanism automatically stops, following the ISO TS15066 international standard, allowing the operator to work safely with the robot in the same working area.

Feature of product
Excellent product sensing capability, unaffected by load and collision material.
External sensor can directly upgrade existing industrial robots in the factory.

Value of customer
Prevent injury to staff and surrounding institutional environment.
Save space on traditional arm guards and streamline production space.
Maintain the efficiency and precision of industrial robots and directly upgrade the collaborative

Applicable industry
This safety protection mechanism can be used in any environment where anyone works with the robot arm.

Source video, image and text: Mechavision Inc.
Source web text: Mechavision Inc.

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