[TIE Winning Team Report] Touché Solutions: Unleashing Human-Robot Potential in Smart Factories

[TIE Winning Team Report] Touché Solutions: Unleashing Human-Robot Potential in Smart Factories

Touché Solutions firmly believes that most smart factories of the future will continue to rely on human-robot collaboration. Therefore, the company is committed to developing robots with touch detection and eliminating physical fencing to identify the optimal modes of flexible automation solutions and maximize efficiency. Over a decade of commitment, Touché Solutions has not only become a pioneer in robotic tactile sensing but also built a glowing reputation as a leading robotics brand in Japan.

Touché Solutions hopes to leverage its status as the winner of the first-ever TIE Awards to secure partnerships with system integrators and semiconductor manufacturers to improve its existing production lines and bring human-robot collaboration and excellent services to the masses.

Every inch of T-Skin can accurately trigger protective stop.

Is the current mainstream philosophy of lights-out manufacturing truly a good idea? Touché Solutions unveiled T-Skin in 2018, bringing eight years of hard work between Chairman and robotics expert Dr. Camus Su and General Manager and sensor expert Mr. Chang-He Liu to fruition. T-Skin equips robots with the sense of touch. This EM- and RF-resistant technology provides protective stop functionality to existing robots, greatly enhancing the safety of human-robot collaboration.

A key point of T-Skin is the deployment of multi-layered signal sensors spaced only eight millimeters apart across the entire surface, achieving an incredible response time of fewer than five milliseconds without dead zones.

From pioneering to trend-setting, Touché Solutions aims to expand industry-university cooperation and international engagement.

As a pioneer, Touché Solutions played a pivotal role in formulating new standards and specifications. The company is a leading robotics brand in Japan and partners with several brands to launch products already equipped with T-Skin in the electronics, pharmaceutical, and heavy manufacturing industries.

Looking into the future, Touché Solutions aspires to work with professors with international influence to elevate Taiwan’s robotics industry to new heights.

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